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There are 3 things you should know about shoes:

1. It is very important to wear good quality, comfortable shoes, as they carry your whole body. Remember that shoes affect your skeletal system, muscular system but also nervous system. Make a right choice then.

2. If you find fast fashion (such as Zara, Topshop) shoes comfortable, you have never tried comfortable shoes. Comfortable shoes can be found in very similar prices, so the price isn't an issue. Go and try them on. See the difference.

3. Quality shoes just last longer. I promise that well-sewn, made from high quality leather or other vegan fabric footwear will last longer than "made in 5 min somewhere in Asia" cheap Zara shoes.

And here I'm posting pictures of my new Vagabond shoes. I feel like Carrie Bradshaw while having them on. They are insanely comfortable and quite spectacular thanks to the amazing pink color. Have a look. My ass is just a sweet addition.

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