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Apparently, there are more people reading this blog than I expected.  To everyone who's here, welcome! Don't get scared by the pictures of my ass, I just don't have any other place to post it and I find it very artsy and believe that the world should see it. Anyway...
Long time, no see, no hear, no write. I'll try to be more regular from now on, I feel like it helps to clean the mess in my head. A lot of thing has happened since the last post. I graduated, won a price for the best student of the year, got the new job in the restaurant called "mangia" and spend amazing summer holidays in DENMARK. Yes, you heard it right! This year, Summer came to Denmark and for last couple of months it was as warm as in hell in here. 
What is more in the end of June I went for two weeks long festival tour in Poland. First I flew with Izabelka to Katowice for Tauron festival, which was the best festival I have ever been to. Very clean, well-behaved and mature festival with selection of very good artists. After the festival I went to Poznań for 1,5 days to see my parents and visit home, which I haven't seen in months. Sadly I had very little time to enjoy moments spent with them, cause I needed to run for another festival in Gdynia called Open'er festival. Huge venue, 120 000 people, great artists such as: Nick Cave, Depeche Mode, Gorillaz, Massive Attack, Arctic Monkeys, David Byrne and many more. The festival has finished on Saturday and on Sunday I was already in Warsaw attending The Rolling Stones with my father. I'll probably post some pictures from this trip in the next post. 

Open'er was a great festival not only due to crazy artists selection (I know, orgasmic, right?), but also because I met some friends, which I haven't seen in ages and got to know new amazing and inspiring people. 

After the festival, there was this guy, who texted me on instagram with who I fell to have this insane connection, which is very difficult to find nowadays. I feel like we really understand each other and I wish he would be my best friend in a real life. He is an actor and musician, maybe that makes us have so many subjects to talk about and so many things in common. He also loves to listen to classical music and love to read books. Sometimes I wonder, if he's even real. And he's so beautiful. He could be a sculpture, I promise. 
He's just beautiful in body and mind and is one of this people, who I would like to be surrounded with, but who are so precious and difficult to find. 

Dear universe, please be kind to him and keep an eye on him. You know I trust you more than anyone else! 

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