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This is a very personal post about trip to Gdansk, where I met my soulmate Patryk for the first time. It was kind of weird, because it felt like we know each other for so long, I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. We have spend 90% time together since the trip was only 2 days long. It was beautiful, I was extremely happy and my brain was finally relaxed (can't say the same about my body as we went a little bit crazy with alkohol during first night of my stay). I though I will throw some pictures from that weekend in here, because I'm so grateful for these two days and since this blog is my diary I have the feeling it should end up in here. Still not sure who's reading it. And if anyone.

Regarding beauty content that I'm planning to post. I didn't start yet, cause I'm in the weird period of my life, where I'm looking for a way I should follow. I'm not afraid and I'm looking forward to the new, but there are important choices to make ahead of me. I'm considering moving out from this amazing and aesthetically pleasing country, as my brain can't stand this ignorant nation anymore. I still believe that it will be different somewhere else. I also started planning my life and bought a new planner to do so. I'm still very bad at it and kind of have troubles to stick to tasks I set for myself, but I hope daily practicing will keep bringing me closer and closer to perfection (I am not expecting from myself to be perfect, that is the first lesson I have learned from the planning master I follow).

Regarding my spiritual path, I must admit that lately my connection to the universe got a little bit weaker, but I'm slowly going back and through daily practicing and evening affirmation I hope to rebuild the strong relation we used to have. I am aware that universe is still taking care of me, protecting me and will help me to not to loose my faith. I'm also very grateful for Katka and Patryk, who are my universal connections and their physical being on the Earth keeps reminding me about spiritual life happening above the surface of this planet.

So please, dear universe... I know you're reading my blog posts ;). Take care of Katka and Patryk and other beautiful souls and make sure they're always safe and happy.

Ohh... I just wanted to throw here a sentence or two and instead I went crazy... I guess it's time for pictures. And to my dearest and most beautiful mum: I hope you are reading it and practicing your English (even though mine isn't perfect). ...and I promise you I will throw here some fashion content you are constantly asking me for.

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